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THE WAKING (Piano Spheres 20th Season)

First photos from “The Waking” performance, part of Piano Spheres 20th Season “New Territories: Vicki Ray” concert. We first performed “The Waking” in 2011, and then it was voted back by the Piano Spheres audience!! And it’s projection-mapped on a prepared piano!

Reviewer Damjan Rakonjac writes:
“But perhaps the biggest thrill of all was Vicki’s own “The Waking.” Named for the Roethke poem, the piece pairs piano with live electronics and video. Last night’s rendition featured a collaboration with video artist Adeline Newman, who came up with some haunting, beautiful images (part natural, part synthetic, all black and white) which were projected onto the side of the piano. Meanwhile, Vicki was charming all kinds of uncanny sounds from inside the instrument, with (among others) mallets, fingers, string (which she used as piano floss, extracting a hazy drone).”

Read the rest of the concert review HERE!

theWaking001(Projected video and text on the side of the piano)


Shot my scenes last week for U-N-M-A-R-K-E-D Productions’ upcoming feature EXCESS FLESH. More soon ­čÖé

adrenalinn_captain(VJ Adrenalinn is bioluminescent?)

Stalker Festival Stuudio├Áhtu!!



(The crowd watches Adeline Newmann and algor├╝tmid perform. Photos by Okeiko)

Check out some cool bios, info, and pics from Stalker Festival Stuudio├Áhtu at Kultuurikatel boiler plant and performance space in Tallinn, Estonia┬áHERE!

Watch highlights from my collaboration with Estonian electronic music duo algorütmid here: Making Chaos!!

First Photo from Mutant Stalker!

First Photo from Mutant Stalker!

The shadow people watch “Chaos Manipulations: Intro” at the Stalker Tunnel in Tallinn, Estonia.

Video – Adeline Newmann
Music – algor├╝tmid (Mihkel Tomberg and Roland Karlson)

More documentation coming soon.

MUTANT STALKER Festival in Tallinn!

MUTANT STALKER Festival in Tallinn!

Months of collaborating and scheming over Skype and a 10-hour time difference have paid off! Just had my first show “Chaos Manipulations: Intro” with awesome Estonian electronic duo algor├╝tmid!!

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24 Hour Plays, LA!

Did this crazy show yesterday… and it was awesome! Read more about 24 Hour Plays and Urban Arts Partnership soon!


Tallinn Music Week and Estonian Music Days!

“Synchronisms No. 6” at Estonian Music Days 2013!

Wondering what I was doing in Tallinn, Estonia in early April?

Read about it here!

And see the Tallinn Music Week performance here!

Estonian Music Days 2013!

Estonian Music Days!

Wondering what I was doing in Tallinn last week? More news soon!