THE WAKING (Piano Spheres 20th Season)

First photos from “The Waking” performance, part of Piano Spheres 20th Season “New Territories: Vicki Ray” concert. We first performed “The Waking” in 2011, and then it was voted back by the Piano Spheres audience!! And it’s projection-mapped on a prepared piano!

Reviewer Damjan Rakonjac writes:
“But perhaps the biggest thrill of all was Vicki’s own “The Waking.” Named for the Roethke poem, the piece pairs piano with live electronics and video. Last night’s rendition featured a collaboration with video artist Adeline Newman, who came up with some haunting, beautiful images (part natural, part synthetic, all black and white) which were projected onto the side of the piano. Meanwhile, Vicki was charming all kinds of uncanny sounds from inside the instrument, with (among others) mallets, fingers, string (which she used as piano floss, extracting a hazy drone).”

Read the rest of the concert review HERE!

theWaking001(Projected video and text on the side of the piano)

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